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The White Mountain Research Station joined the GLORIA project in 2004.

In collaboration with the US Forest Service Pacific Southwest Research Station and CIRMOUNT (Consortium for Integrated Climate Research in Western Mountains), WMRS assembled a team of scientists who came to WMRS during the weeks of August 13-20, 2004 and August 12-20, 2005.

This team established 7 long-term monitoring sites on summits in the White Mountains, following the GLORIA protocols and submitting the baseline data to GLORIA International.

During this process many scientists expressed interested in expanding the project to include other kinds of sampling and other aspects of climate change.

To facilitate this, WMRS sponsored a "GLORIA field week" in August 12-20, 2005, inviting scientists to assemble and collaborate on GLORIA-related projects. This trial gathering generated further interest in the scientific community, and in May 2006 a group of 16 scientists gathered to plan the future of WMRS-GLORIA. The main outcome of that meeting was a commitment by WMRS to establish a "GLORIA Master Station" which will be known as "WMRS-GLORIA."

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