The GLORIA coordination team (Vienna, Austria)

Harald Pauli

Dr. Harald Pauli

Head of the GLORIA coordination team, scientific coordination, focusing on network management, field methodology, and biogeography
  +43-1 47654-99140
Manfred Bardy-Durchhalter

Mag. Manfred Bardy-Durchhalter

Database and Web Development, IT management
  +43-1 47654-99142
Katrin Euller

Mag. Katrin Euller

currently on sabbatical
Tobias Fasching

Tobias Fasching

Web Development
  +43-1 47654-99142
Barbara Friedmann

Dr. Barbara Friedmann

consistency checks of taxa
  +43-1 47654-99142
Andrea Lamprecht

MMag. Andrea Lamprecht

Scientific and administrative support
 +43-1 47654-99141
Klaus Steinbauer

Mag. Klaus Steinbauer

Scientific and administrative support
 +43-1 47654-99141
Katrin Wilfing

Mag. Katrin Wilfing

Administrative support
  +43-1 47654-99141
Manuela Winkler

Dr. Manuela Winkler

Scientific coordination, focusing on analytical methodology and climate data
 +43-1 47654-99140

Founding members of GLORIA

Georg Grabherr

Prof. Dr. Georg Grabherr

Chair of GLORIA
Michael Gottfried

Dr. Michael Gottfried

Former head of the GLORIA coordination (Sept.-Nov. 2012) and data analysis coordinator, currently off-duty

Associated researchers

Karl Reiter

Dr. Karl Reiter

Remote sensing and GIS                                                                                                                           
Stefan Dullinger

Dr. Stefan Dullinger

Data analysis
Sabine Rumpf

MSc. Sabine Rumpf

Data analysis

Former members of the GLORIA coordination team

Dr. Daniela Hohenwallner, Christian Klettner, Mag. Sonya Laimer, Dr. Armin Oppelt, Mag. Sophie Niessner